DIscover the Cause

Discover the Cause
Holistic Wellness Coaching


Together we determine what you are needing most during our appointment time.  I have a lot of tools and I am trained in a lot of techniques so we can use whatever would be most effective in dealing with the root causes for you.  You decide how much you want to do and how much to spend financially.  To help guide you, these are some ideas of what other Phoenix practitioners are paid for their expertise, training, testing and services based on 45-60 min sessions.  

Counseling 80-150, Health Coach 60-100, Life Coach 90-110, Massage 60-90, Nutritionist 60-90, Physical Therapy 60-80, Stretching 50-70, Therapy 80-90, Evox Emotons/Thoughts Technique 75-150, Zyto Scan 60-125, Spiritual Coaching 90-125.