Discover the Cause

Discover the Cause Holistic Wellness Coaching

Discover the Cause Holistic Wellness Coaching

Discover the Cause Holistic Wellness CoachingDiscover the Cause Holistic Wellness CoachingDiscover the Cause Holistic Wellness Coaching



Chris Holly

It is my passion to train and  empower people how to get to the root cause of personal obstacles that  prevent them from thriving in every area of their life.  My approach is  very relational and integrative in that I work closely with my clients  to develop a life wellness plan according to what their individual needs  are as we are all uniquely created.  It is my desire for everyone to  thrive in every area of their lives including physical, relational,  emotional, mindful, spiritual, and financial health. I accomplish this  goal with my clients by working closely with them and providing  resources to equip them with what they need in order to be successful.  It is a blessing to be able to share my knowledge and expertise as well  as help my clients develop their gifts and talents.  I educate my  clients how to improve their overall lifestyle and health choices in  order for them to be empowered to live abundantly. 

In whatever you are experiencing, the key to wellness is discovering the cause and not just covering up the symptoms. 

Background: It has been my  privilege to work in healthcare since 1984.  During high school and  college I worked in nursing homes and home health care. For a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, I trained as a  holistic health nurse at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  My career as  a registered nurse led to working in hospitals, hospice and as a school  nurse.  I have been using my nursing training and experience in  coaching others since 2001.  My nursing education along with my own  personal experience in recovering my son's health led me down a path to  help people discover the root cause of symptoms that create obstacles in their lives and coach people in overcoming them.  

Continuing education includes:  Hospice nurse certification, Certified Coach, Nova Vita Center for Natural Healing, Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Functional  Endocrinology, Reading the Signs, Linking the Signs.  Numerous natural health conventions, educational seminars and classes.  Assessment training with multiple doctors and one on one training. Numerous  emotional,  mental and spiritual healing techniques.  I continue to train with doctors and  health care professionals who also have the desire to discover the cause to experience healing.  

Appointments are offered in person and remotely.



Chris Holly