DIscover the Cause

Discover the Cause
Holistic Wellness Coaching

Tools and Techniques

Coaching Consultations


Individual and group coaching, trainings, and experiences .

Biological Preferences Scans


Gathers information to help you make decisions to maintain your wellness.

Evox Scan


The EVOX system works directly with personal perceptions. Perception is the way we feel and think  about different events, people, or other aspects of our lives. In many  cases, we are not even consciously aware of everything that we perceive,  or how those perceptions affect us.

Using a process known as Perception Reframing, the EVOX system helps discover a whole new way of seeing things.  Multiple techniques are used with it.

Integrative Holistic Support


Determine what support your body, mind, will, emotions and spirit needs most to promote and maintain wellness.



Foods wellness scans, biological preference nutritional scans, nutritional coaching based on your unique biochemistry and needs.

Body Techniques


Muscle balance and training, neuroauricular, raindrop, accupressure, reflexology and many more